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Time, warped

During a trip to my Dad’s this weekend, I ventured into the basement — a catch-all storage area the size of the entire footprint of the house, wherein one might discover any sort of stray memory. He led me down there … Continue reading

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The ninth song of Christmas: Can’t polka hole in this one

If December’s weeknights belonged to Mom and Nanny and candlelight reverence, its Sunday afternoons belonged to Dad and goofy tunes by sunlight. That’s when we pulled a different set of albums from the stack, listening to big bands being a … Continue reading

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The third song of Christmas: Not a who, but a what

For an indeterminate amount of time in my memories of that period in my life, my older brother Walter set up a music station in the corner of our dining room. He had a turntable, headphones, and scads of LPs … Continue reading

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The first song of Christmas: The gold standard

Every November, the stacking would begin. We would pull the old Christmas LPs out of the storage compartment of the antique radio and out of the messy existing stack on the bottommost inset shelf in the wall in the corner … Continue reading

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The ghosts of Christmas presents

With eight kids, 11 grandkids, and an ever-fluctuating number of in-laws, my parents were on the hook for a lot of gifts over the years. I still remember the enormous piles of Christmas presents “under” the tree each year. This … Continue reading

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The politics of Dan sing

Hey, have you heard? There’s a presidential election coming up! Yep. Couple of guys named Obama and Romney, plus some future also-rans. Maybe you’ve heard a thing or two about them on the news. Or in commercials. Or at the office. Or … Continue reading

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