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Mother, by numbers

At nearly 12,000 words, the following is easily the longest blog entry I’ve ever written. I wrote the three parts at three different times. I don’t expect anyone to read all of it, and even if someone does, I don’t … Continue reading

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Stupid little Cupid

Does Valentine’s Day make you feel insecure? Are you jealous of your friends and family members who have “perfect” relationships, and wondering why you and your significant other can’t live in that same paradise? Too often, it seems as if … Continue reading

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High score

Tuesday marked our 20th wedding anniversary. I took Kim to Chili’s for dinner. Yep, last of the red-hot lovers here. Can’t help wondering if she wants her baby back, baby back, baby back…. Honestly, though, she didn’t mind. It was … Continue reading

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Fire and Pain

Suzanne. I’d planned to use this blog in the near future to have a written “conversation” with someone who wouldn’t read it and couldn’t answer, but it wasn’t supposed to be you. I wanted to write one to Stephen’s grandma in an effort to get … Continue reading

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Blind drunk/first date, first drunk/blind date (part 5)

Valentine’s Day. Can there be more of an elephant in the room for a couple in the early stages of a relationship? Or for a couple who don’t even know they’re in a relationship? That’s where Kim and I were the week … Continue reading

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Blind drunk/first date, first drunk/blind date (part 4)

My first date with Kim took place 20 years ago this past Tuesday — February 8, 1991. At least, that was my interpretation of what happened that night. To her, it was more like a blind date — in that she was … Continue reading

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Blind drunk/first date, first drunk/blind date (part 3)

I might never have asked Kim out if not for Male Bonding Night. That’s what we called every Tuesday night, when Paul and I got together with Scott, another buddy from the consulting team. We’d hit the buffet at Sadie’s and head back … Continue reading

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