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Newfound friend

I was checking out after this week’s grocery run at Target tonight when a nervous-looking woman, who had left the store only moments before, came back in with her two young kids and a cart still full of groceries. She … Continue reading

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…Under the hood

The capper on yesterday’s list of admittedly first-world problems was a movie spoiler. Something related to being in a theater. So it was only fitting that the turnaround came from being in a theatre (and yes, I intentionally spelled them … Continue reading

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Over the top…

I don’t know how to start this blog entry any more than I knew how to start this day. I only hope the entry ends as well as the day did. I woke up from either a bad dream that … Continue reading

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Silver lining

Twenty-five years ago, at 5:21 p.m. on January 2, our priest pronounced me and Kim “husband and wife.” I’ve already blogged the awkward love story that eventually led to that moment, and I’ve shared a lot about our life together … Continue reading

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Time, warped

During a trip to my Dad’s this weekend, I ventured into the basement — a catch-all storage area the size of the entire footprint of the house, wherein one might discover any sort of stray memory. He led me down there … Continue reading

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The tenth song of Christmas: Annunciation enunciation

Growing up Catholic in non-Catholic schools in the South, I heard all of the comments. Their families are huge! Their kids go to “Sunday school” on Wednesday afternoons! They have saints! They. Worship. MARY! That last bit isn’t true, by … Continue reading

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Interlude 3: And the children shall lead?

The final interlude concerns a group of people who aren’t disenfranchised from Christmas one bit; in fact, the holiday is considered by many to be “just for them.” Children win at Christmas, hands down. But for all that, they’re somewhat … Continue reading

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