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Identity crisis

The following is a copy of an email message I sent in August: To: Dan Bane From: Dan Bain Re: Brand Pain Dear Dan Bane, My name is Dan Bain – a fact that has caused me no end of consternation over the years. … Continue reading

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Save on ‘A Nay for Effort’

Black Friday’s gone, but holiday greens have just begun. Order A Nay for Effort for the special holiday price of $12.25 (yes, I know it’s cliched), save $1.75 and give the gift of laughter this holiday season – to yourself and/or multiple loved ones. … Continue reading

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Meet the new blog…

Welcome to the second new Bain Waves blog. I moved it to my site at Freewebs after Google Groups failed me, but Freewebs just isn’t cutting it, either. Much as I love their other free apps, their blog app isn’t up to par (shouldn’t that … Continue reading

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