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Interlude 3: And the children shall lead?

The final interlude concerns a group of people who aren’t disenfranchised from Christmas one bit; in fact, the holiday is considered by many to be “just for them.” Children win at Christmas, hands down. But for all that, they’re somewhat … Continue reading

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Hearty birthday wishes

Matthew, four years ago, I wrote a piece for my Midtown column, ruminating on the emotions I felt about your brother turning ten. I vowed to do the same thing for you, but the scope of my column changed this … Continue reading

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The moppet show

Today when we took the boys out for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, I experienced a spark of genuine Christmas magic. I had just gotten my umpteenth buffet refill and was heading back to the table when I had to stop … Continue reading

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The seven-year gift

Said good-bye to an old friend last Thursday night, a steadfast and loyal friend I’ve had available to lift my spirits every holiday season for the past eight of them. It was the annual Christmas Pageant at my sons’ school. … Continue reading

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And a little child shall lead them…astray

Nowhere is this time of year more hectic, unpredictable and/or madness-inducing than in the one place where it ought to inspire peace and comfort — church. I’m speaking specifically of youth ministry, where the irresistable force of vacation-, gift-, weather- and ADD-induced excitement … Continue reading

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