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Dannotated history

In 2020, I did my best to capture — and sometimes mock — historical highlights of each day. I am by no means a historian, but here’s a recap, for anyone interested: On January 1, 404: A Christian monk named … Continue reading

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The second song of Christmas: Drifted snow

The original is the best-selling single of all time, as recorded by one of the greatest crooners of all time. I can respect that, but there’s something to be said for a band that can cover a beloved standard and … Continue reading

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Blue year’s day: A resolution revolution

(“Bain’s Beat” reprinted from the November-December 2016 issue of Midtown Magazine.) If you ask me, the holidays come at the wrong time of year. And we can’t even describe that time correctly. When are “the holidays?” For many, this phrase … Continue reading

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Camp pout

It took me four years, but a couple weeks ago, for the first time since Christopher joined Cub Scouts, I didn’t dread a campout as it approached. As a kid and a young man, I enjoying camping, but I grew … Continue reading

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Tales from the Gate

Sure, it’s a little late in the season to reprint this, but I figure this week we’re all due for some lighter reading to come from the world of college football. I hope you enjoy Tales from the Gate. [If you … Continue reading

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Sick or beat

Kim and I used to hold Halloween in a sort of heavy disdain. I won’t say we “hated” it, because that’s too strong. Tonight, though, that changed — I hated it for sure. Our outlook changed for the better after we had … Continue reading

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And Ire-e-ene, Irene’s so far awa-a-ay … I couldn’t get away

The East Coast was hit by both an earthquake and Hurricane Irene last week, which means in North Carolina, there isn’t a store to be found with either milk or bread remaining on the shelves. I’m surprised the media hasn’t jumped on … Continue reading

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Let it go, let it go, let it go…

Hmm, let’s see. Cars backed into driveway, with tires exactly aligned in single file? Check. Trash and recycling at the curb a day early, to avoid having to drag them through snow and ice? Check. Snow shovel at the ready … Continue reading

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