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Dan folds

It was September 12, 2001. I was stuck in Peoria, Illinois, where I’d been when the previous day’s attacks had occurred. I’d come for a communicators’ conference, which had ended early and left me more or less stranded there while … Continue reading

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Feckless checklist

Sitting at home with a sleep-deprived, cranky six-year-old? Check. Trying to pry the ten-year-old away from a new videogame to do homework? Check. Refereeing multiple shouting matches over the shared usage of said videogame? Check. Responsible for delivering three bulky … Continue reading

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Remember to dose up for your close-up

Anybody remember the hot topic from this time last year? It was the TSA’s enhanced security measures, which had the nation in an uproar. Part of the problem was the practically nude scans of travelers, prompting people to opt for an enhanced … Continue reading

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My trip to Mylanta, aka don’ts for dads

I’m blaming my weekend-long stomach ache on Friday morning’s glazed donuts. Or maybe it was the airport food. Or the two bumpy flights within 24 hours. Or the plethora of beans at Hard Rock Cafe. Or even the numerous nauseating views from 65-72 stories … Continue reading

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I reign, Dear

Avoiding the TSA is going to take more effort than I thought this holiday season: Safe travels and happy holidays to all; thanks for reading my stuff this year!

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As the busiest travel season of the year kicks off, air travelers face their biggest threat yet – the Transportation Security Administration. Forget about window or aisle; this year, we must make a bigger decision: nudity or molestation. Every would-be … Continue reading

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