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Dannotated history

In 2020, I did my best to capture — and sometimes mock — historical highlights of each day. I am by no means a historian, but here’s a recap, for anyone interested: On January 1, 404: A Christian monk named … Continue reading

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Air drag deployed (part 6: Sold)

While my insurance adjuster was looking for my old car, I was looking at a new one. Kim, Matthew, and I spent that Saturday at nearby dealership, test-driving multiple models and evaluating colors. We finally settled on one that afternoon … Continue reading

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Remember to dose up for your close-up

Anybody remember the hot topic from this time last year? It was the TSA’s enhanced security measures, which had the nation in an uproar. Part of the problem was the practically nude scans of travelers, prompting people to opt for an enhanced … Continue reading

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White truck black heart

After the questionable end to Tuesday’s commute, the boys were concerned that I might not be able to get them to camp yesterday morning. Not wanting to worry them, I snuck out while they were watching TV and tried to start the … Continue reading

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Assaultin’ battery

My Saturn Vue freaks out most people who ride in it for the first time, because whenever I brake to a full stop, the engine turns off. And not because it’s a GM product; rather, it’s supposed to do that. It’s … Continue reading

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The city of Las souls

Just arrived in Vegas for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, where my employer is exhibiting some cool new products. This also happens to be the same week as the Adult Entertainment Expo, which is exhibiting other things. You’ll notice I … Continue reading

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Meet the new blog…

Welcome to the second new Bain Waves blog. I moved it to my site at Freewebs after Google Groups failed me, but Freewebs just isn’t cutting it, either. Much as I love their other free apps, their blog app isn’t up to par (shouldn’t that … Continue reading

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