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Cancel vultures

I’ve been seeing the phrase “cancel culture” thrown around a lot lately on politicians’ social media posts; one of them even wants to hold Senate Judiciary hearings on the subject. Can we all just calm down, please? “Cancel culture” is … Continue reading

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Dannotated history

In 2020, I did my best to capture — and sometimes mock — historical highlights of each day. I am by no means a historian, but here’s a recap, for anyone interested: On January 1, 404: A Christian monk named … Continue reading

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Just (don’t) do it

The fireworks have really been flying, but not overhead — instead, they’ve been over a shoe design. By now, most people reading this should be aware that Nike had planned to release a red, white, and blue shoe with the … Continue reading

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…Under the hood

The capper on yesterday’s list of admittedly first-world problems was a movie spoiler. Something related to being in a theater. So it was only fitting that the turnaround came from being in a theatre (and yes, I intentionally spelled them … Continue reading

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Unhappy mediums

Last week, a 25-year-old lost her job at Yelp after posting a letter to her CEO on, essentially sharing her story of struggling to survive on inadequate wages. The story was moving, but as it made the social media rounds, it … Continue reading

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You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel

You struck during last year’s holiday season. This year, you probably don’t even remember me. But I will remember you forever. Maybe that’s too dramatic, in light of what you did. No one here was physically harmed. In fact, there … Continue reading

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Straight to the point

Hello. Remember me? I don’t blame you, which is the reason for the first of five precursory comments: 1 – Yes, I know it’s been nearly 11 months since my last post. I’d apologize, but I can’t imagine my lack … Continue reading

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Testing my limits

It was the most devastating phone call I’ve ever received, and certainly not something a 16-year-old kid is prepared to face. Yet on that long-ago Saturday morning, all across the county where I grew up and went to school, hundreds … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

The following is a copy of an email message I sent in August: To: Dan Bane From: Dan Bain Re: Brand Pain Dear Dan Bane, My name is Dan Bain – a fact that has caused me no end of consternation over the years. … Continue reading

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The politics of Dan sing

Hey, have you heard? There’s a presidential election coming up! Yep. Couple of guys named Obama and Romney, plus some future also-rans. Maybe you’ve heard a thing or two about them on the news. Or in commercials. Or at the office. Or … Continue reading

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