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Blue Moon on Monday

My wife has loved Duran Duran since they broke through the American music scene in the early 1980s. If I’m being honest, I’ve been a fan since then, too — although I’ve been loathe to admit it ever since being teased … Continue reading

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You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel

You struck during last year’s holiday season. This year, you probably don’t even remember me. But I will remember you forever. Maybe that’s too dramatic, in light of what you did. No one here was physically harmed. In fact, there … Continue reading

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Cold words, warm hearts

It’s official. My sons are more successful than I am. Three weeks ago, they made a song parody, and it’s had more than 49,000 views on YouTube. Granted, most of those have been me, clicking on it to see the … Continue reading

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High score

Tuesday marked our 20th wedding anniversary. I took Kim to Chili’s for dinner. Yep, last of the red-hot lovers here. Can’t help wondering if she wants her baby back, baby back, baby back…. Honestly, though, she didn’t mind. It was … Continue reading

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Feckless checklist

Sitting at home with a sleep-deprived, cranky six-year-old? Check. Trying to pry the ten-year-old away from a new videogame to do homework? Check. Refereeing multiple shouting matches over the shared usage of said videogame? Check. Responsible for delivering three bulky … Continue reading

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Begging the question

I was getting ready to ride my bike Sunday afternoon when I noticed Kim looking a little down. I thought of something that would cheer her up, which helped me decide where I was going to ride today — to the scary … Continue reading

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The elephant in the womb

Find out how gas pains changed our life 10 years ago, right here.    

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