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Mother, by numbers

At nearly 12,000 words, the following is easily the longest blog entry I’ve ever written. I wrote the three parts at three different times. I don’t expect anyone to read all of it, and even if someone does, I don’t … Continue reading

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The blew-one-cold banquet

It was the most solemn moment of the night, probably moreso than the ceremonial crossing of the bridge that would eventually end the night’s activities. Even the Tiger Cubs were paying attention now, and their patience had already been tested (and failed, I … Continue reading

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Words miffing

Dear Everybody, I propose we ban the following worn-out words and phrases this year: I know, right? Alternately, just Right? It’s used to express enthusiastic agreement with something that somebody just said, but entusiastic agreement really shouldn’t be expressed as a question. If you agree, … Continue reading

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Remember to dose up for your close-up

Anybody remember the hot topic from this time last year? It was the TSA’s enhanced security measures, which had the nation in an uproar. Part of the problem was the practically nude scans of travelers, prompting people to opt for an enhanced … Continue reading

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Sperm warfare

I had planned to blog a recap of the best earthquake jokes from today — was going to call it “Laughtershocks” — but I’m pretty much over the five-point-ain’t by now. Plus, I’ve found something far more distasteful. And with something like this, there’s … Continue reading

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Same gold, different day

Officials in New Taipei City, Taiwan, know how to polish the turd – in fact, they practically know how to gold-plait it.  To provide incentive for dog-owners to clean up after their dogs do their business, the city is offering raffle tickets … Continue reading

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Check out that rack

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