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Blue year’s day: A resolution revolution

(“Bain’s Beat” reprinted from the November-December 2016 issue of Midtown Magazine.) If you ask me, the holidays come at the wrong time of year. And we can’t even describe that time correctly. When are “the holidays?” For many, this phrase … Continue reading

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Super Bowl ‘ell

[As published in the January-February issue of Midtown Magazine.] Panthers fans, here’s hoping by the time you read this, our as-yet-undefeated team has come even closer to playing in the Super Bowl out in San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium. This is … Continue reading

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Hearty birthday wishes

Matthew, four years ago, I wrote a piece for my Midtown column, ruminating on the emotions I felt about your brother turning ten. I vowed to do the same thing for you, but the scope of my column changed this … Continue reading

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March sadness

A few nights ago, I dropped my son off for an overnight event, and on my way home, traffic came to a stop in the highway just outside a coliseum where the teams in a well-known college basketball rivalry had … Continue reading

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Stupid little Cupid

Does Valentine’s Day make you feel insecure? Are you jealous of your friends and family members who have “perfect” relationships, and wondering why you and your significant other can’t live in that same paradise? Too often, it seems as if … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

The following is a copy of an email message I sent in August: To: Dan Bane From: Dan Bain Re: Brand Pain Dear Dan Bane, My name is Dan Bain – a fact that has caused me no end of consternation over the years. … Continue reading

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The (t)reason for the season

Several years ago, I had the honor of opening a meeting for an organization I admire. It was mid-December, so I started with, “Happy Holidays, everyone!” Before I could say more, a grumpy-sounding retort rang out from someone in the … Continue reading

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