Stop-Emotion Animation

I’m writing this at the end of September, which means most stores just removed half of their Halloween supplies in order to make room for their Christmas displays.

These include the usual line-up of Christmas DVDs, with the old Rankin-Bass specials at the top of the rack. Remember those? They specialized in 3D stop-motion animation — the CGI of its day. They’re rudimentary by today’s standards, but that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the ugly themes they portray: cruelty, hatred, abuse — even murder, wrapped up in pretty Christmas packaging.

[Continued in Midtown Magazine article.]

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Dan is an award-winning humorist, features writer, emcee and entertainer from Raleigh, NC. His collection of humor essays, A Nay for Effort, has earned him fans from one end of his couch to the other. Why not join them and buy one? (You won't have to sit on his couch.) Dan will donate 10 percent of the book's proceeds to education. You can check it out at; thanks!
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